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What If Everyone Else’s Routine Is Not Right for You

You shouldn’t be mirroring people’s routines

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I’ve seen several articles about morning routines, and I felt like I had to say a few words about how I feel about the whole thing.

So, I’m just going to blunt.

You shouldn’t rely on the next person’s routine because you’re not them.

We’re all different people who live in other cities, eat different food, have different living conditions, and have different situations.

It’s nice to know that someone else does all of their work from 3 am to 12 noon.

Some others don’t do any work until noon. And once it’s noon, they work till night.

The mistake you’ll make is if you try to mirror what these people do and not do something unique to you.

Imagine having a roommate who’s home all day — distracting you — making you do little or no work. You would obviously not be able to do deep work while he/she is around. So working at night or very early in the morning may be an ideal option.

I see some ridiculous routines on the internet. I feel like many of those writers create these content to gain traction because they understand that people would rather wait for someone to give them a killer routine, instead of doing the work themselves, to find out what works.

My routine differs, but I use the majority of the day to do my freelance writing work because I guess I’m more alert, then at night, I write articles for Medium.

It wasn’t always like that. I had to tweak it here and there a bit to find what works best for me.

Before now, I’d write my Medium articles early in the morning, but I found out that it didn’t give me enough time to develop content ideas. So I decided to shift it a bit.

I later moved it to writing parts of the articles in the morning, then completing it in the evening. Again, I realized that it spoilt my flow. When I got back to writing my article in the evening, it would be difficult to start over from where I stopped.

So I had to change my approach. I had to write everything at once at night, and for the past months, that’s precisely what I have been doing. As you can see, my routine wasn’t built at once. It happened from a series of trial and error.

Forget about the routines on the internet and look at what works best for your situation. Routines are created from your schedules and not from what someone told you to do.

All the “wake up, lay your bed, take a shower,” and all that is great, but if you’re not doing it for your own reasons, you’re just wasting your time.

Those things help, but what’s most important is getting the job done. You have to try out different things and measure what brings in the most productivity — that’s the point of any routine — your productivity.

So keep tweaking, and with time, you’ll find the perfect routine for you.

And when you find it, make sure you stick to it.

Thank you for reading

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