What IS vs Make-believe

Warsan Garrow
4 min readOct 11, 2022

Every child born into the world is a gift to the universe. Regardless of who they come to be as adults. Even a psychopath ads to our world and everyday existence. Humans are the most complex species on the earth. The human brain and skillset are the most advanced. We are the only creatures to walk upright with the ability to write, read, indulge in complex thinking patterns and speak different languages. We are mathematically inclined. Thus, we can create through our God-given thinking process and with our brains.

Our brain is the most advanced. We are made to do extraordinary things. A dolphin can only speak to other dolphins, and they are perhaps only limited to communicating with their own tribe. A dolphin is a fantastical swimmer.
Humans are also capable of doing extraordinary things. The human brain, as it was perfectly created by the Al-Mighty Creature Himself, is perfect. Sometimes flawed due to circumstances but still capable of doing great things. An addiction-prone mother using while pregnant can cause damage to her unborn child's brain. A child's development can be interrupted or flawed due to human failure.

Mother nature / God, however, does not make mistakes. His initial creation is not flawed. If that were the case, then the leaves during the authumn would not turn red, yellow, and orange and fall off in the winter to regrow back to green during spring. Humans are CREATED by God, a force larger than life. Creation in different flavours, shapes, and shades with attributes that have different and unique characteristics. God took his time to create everything; thus, his output is perfect. Every child is born perfectly fine, exactly as they were meant to be. They cannot be flawed or manufactured unless willingly corrupted. We are made with a WILL that can be stubborn and susceptible to corruption and greed. However, we learn from human behaviour to re-direct it towards what is reasonably good. We are not meant to corrupt it to our liking for entertainment purposes. Or just because we can.

Every child is born perfect. As a toddler, they are curious. Curious about their bodies and what they can do. Thus they try to crawl; they put random things in their mouths because they just discovered they have taste buds and whether they like food or not. They release they can grab items. They try to stand upward and try out their motoric skills. A whole new world is suddenly open for discovery. The open space is their new playground. They learn to sit on a pot and pee all by themselves, to control their stole etc. They touch their little body parts because everything is new to a child.

However, a child's brain has not developed enough, not to the extent of thinking that something is wrong with their newly discovered bodies.
It is self-explanatory that a four-year-old driven by curiosity is asking many questions. They want to copy their mothers' behaviour and try on her hills or put make-up on their faces. All of that is normal as it is part of their discovering phase.

However, not a single child thinks they were born in the wrong body. Not one toddler feels like that unless the adults around them have been talking about gender fluency in his presence.

Similar to a Western scientist seeing a fruit/vegetable growing on an island he is on for the first time. That Scientists will research his discovery and perhaps name it after himself. After a while, all of us regular people will learn about this discovery and whether that fruit/vegetable is safe and thus eatable for humans.

It is sometimes unfortunate to note that everyone is capable of reproducing. Even men and women who are intellectually lacking. Though rightfully so, it is human nature to want to procreate. Not everyone is fit to parent. These parents might need guidance from behavioural psychologists and other professionals to teach them how to parent.

It is not okay for rebellious parents to inject a venom of self-doubt, self-rejection, and self-hate into a child. It is not okay to teach an innocent, curious mind that there is something wrong with how they are. It is not okay to breathe incompetence and anxiety into a developing mind.

Encourage, support, and build a beautiful developing mind. Teach kids about all the amazing things their brains and bodies are capable of achieving. Teach them what they CAN do with their bodies and the endless possibilities and options they have while being themselves, complete and equipt with their natural self.

Why would the natural state of a human not be enough, but everything around us, nature, and wildlife is perfect?

Relax; I say this with the utmost respect that science cannot compete with God's creation. Jeffrey Dahmer tried to alter the human brain. A narcissistic psychopath was driven by lust and experimented with science in the hopes of creating himself a perfectly obedient life partner. He did that because he was lacking; his sexual urges were more potent than his functional cognitive brain.

I oppose the idea of including gender identity in the early childhood educational framework.

We are collectively failing at the basics here.

Rebelling against what is, is different from rebelling against cultural and societal norms and standards.




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