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White hydrogen, the wildcard of the energy transition

Part II: origins and sources

Photo by Kuba Regulski on Unsplash

Why white hydrogen even exists?

Figure 1: Illustration of H2 and He degassing from Earth’s core and mantle (source)
  • It diffuses quickly;
  • It reacts quickly with other materials;
  • It requires specific detectors and procedures;
  • With contact with oxygen, it turns to water;
  • Microorganisms consume it;
  • Most drilling occurs in sedimentary basins, a more medium adverse for hydrogen presence.

White hydrogen deposits: locations and compositions

Figure 2: Discoveries of white hydrogen (source)
  • Between wells 50 cm apart;
  • depending on the time of the sample within the same well;
  • In synchrony in wells 50 Km apart, suggesting a global phenomenon.
Figure 3: Hydrogen outcropping makes a fairy circle in Brazil (source)
Figure 4: Relative proportions of hydrogen, methane and nitrogen, natural hydrogen (source)

Is white hydrogen fossil or renewable?



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