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Why being obsessed is the only way to achieve your goals

There are lots of advice on how to become a success and how to be great at what you do. While that is nice, it’s annoying seeing people focus on the theoretical aspects rather than the practical.

It’s nice to know the theoretical aspects, but the practical elements put you a step forward. If you keep worrying about knowing the theory, it will take you forever to start acting — and to achieve anything, you have to move.

Thanks to the internet, everyone has access to information, but only a certain kind of people achieve their goals — the ones who focus entirely on execution.

When you form the habit of execution, “doing” rather than keeping things for later, it becomes a habit — that leads to an obsession.

When you’re obsessed with your goals, you enter the Fastlane and you wouldn’t stop till you achieve your goals. Those people with obsessive behaviors(when channeled)are usually the most successful, and I will prove it.

Obsession beats Talent

Talent makes you comfortable, but Obsession takes you out of your comfort zone. Cristiano Ronaldo is a perfect example of someone obsessed with winning, and it has gotten him to where he is.

Messi is pure talent, and Cristiano Ronaldo is pure Obsession. Although right now, people would say Messi is better because he has more Ballon D’or titles, you have to appreciate Ronaldo for how much he has achieved. Both of them have been fighting for that title for over 10 years now. He put Messi on his toes, to work like a mad man.

Ronaldo isn’t as talented as Messi is, but he worked harder than everyone else to prove to himself and to the world that he’s worth more.

Everyone trying to become a success has to be obsessed with their goals. No matter what options are there, if you’re not obsessed, you wouldn’t achieve much because of the competition out there.

Obsession creates solutions and Innovation.

Constant focus on a particular issue creates solutions and better ways to do things.

It’s how people come up with new technology and implement ideas that no one thought possible because they focused on one thing and said no to the others until finally, they got their results.

If you give something your all, you will receive the reward of the activity in full — good or bad. You cannot half-ass something and expect full ass benefits. It doesn’t happen that way.

Obsession gives you confidence in yourself

Look at Mohammed Ali, then look at Ronaldo. They have something in common — they are confident in their abilities. They always believe that they can make a difference when they are involved.

This confidence was built from working harder than everyone. It only takes Obsession from your end to want to work harder than everybody. But you wouldn’t only reap success, but also confidence.

You would have the confidence in yourself, but you may not be as outspoken about it, but you would have it in you because you know you practice more and work harder than everyone else does.

Obsession puts you in control of your time.

While everyone is away doing something different, Obsession would have you thinking about the goals you’ve set and how every moment can take you a step closer to your goals.

At some point, when you need something bad enough, everything else would feel like a waste of time and a distraction. So, you do everything possible not to spend too much time on activities that don’t lead to your desired results.

This is a note to me

90% of the things I write here are to teach me. I just use my content as a way to learn and improve my writing and maybe help the next person.

But I’m not there yet. These things I write are just from one person to another.

We’re young people, and everyone is either worrying about something and doing nothing about it or worrying and doing something about it. Whichever category you fall under, you define your tomorrow with what you do today.

If you decide to divide your focus into different things — good for you. If you choose to focus on one thing — good for you still.

But I don’t think at this time, you can blame anyone for not being a success because the bar to become successful today has become very low. Everyone and anyone can become a success. We all have the resources. The only defining factor is your dedication.

You know you wouldn’t get your desired results if you don’t put in your all. Nobody can complain of a lack of knowledge because you can get anything just a few clicks away. Your Obsession is the defining factor.

If you decide to waste this opportunity — You have no one to blame



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