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Why I Struggle to Leave YouTube? Does It Read My Mind?

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Everyone loves to watch youtube, and I am going to tell you why this platform is so successful. And why you cannot leave youtube within 5 minutes.

70% of people watch youtube recommended video instead of search and, watch their brain recommended videos.

The psychology behind the brand logo, Why Youtube chooses red button as their logo?

Social media platform drags people by their logo. Yeah! It is true.

Youtube uses red as it’s the logo to capture attention.

You have experienced it in real life. It has a long wavelength. It is visible even you are in long-distance. You would have noticed danger boards, and famous food brand uses the red logo. Click here to know about colour psychology.

“Every marketing platform and social media is linked to psychology”.

There a high population in the world and everyone has their thoughts and ideas. They are interested in different platforms. And Youtube is the place where it does not focus on a specific topic, and it is one its success.

Image created by the author in Canva

Google and youtube are connected, and they can read your search history!

When you are connected, with your Google account, then Youtube can search your history and even recommend those video. You watch a single video regarding fitness. Then it starts to recommend, the person videos. Next, it suggests video similar to fitness. It shows you how to reduce belly fat, healthy lifestyle and so on.

It makes you keep on engaging in the platform. And your brain automatically clicks on those videos.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

They use the old school method, to attract YouTubers

During school days, our teachers encourage us by giving the prize, and they use this technique in video games.

Similarly, youtube encourages YouTubers to make the video by giving them gold, silver, platinum, diamond and ruby play buttons when they reach the subscriber amount.

By the way, youtube get a lot of subscribers and more engagement in their platform.

And the most important thing is we need the money and youtube monetization is another feature which makes you stay on their platform.

81% of American watches youtube recommend video. Youtube has such a machine learning algorithm which keeps tracking all your watch history.

Dragging youngsters algorithm

The reason behind youngsters is more driven to the platform because of low internet packages. And they spend weekends by watching Youtube videos.

According to research, 34% of people cannot live without youtube.

And educational institutions use videos of YouTubes for teaching purposes which drag students more.

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Youtube uses Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies!

Every minute, creators upload 300 hours of video. Youtube uses artificial intelligence to remove various objectionable content. Youtube wants to protect people and kids from harmful content.

Before machine learning, only 7% of objectionable videos removed. And when the machine learning comes into picture youtube removed, half of the videos from the platform which had objectionable content.

But even though it had some problems that it had removed newsworthy videos by mistake. That is why Google uses full-time human specialist made to work with Artificial intelligence.

Youtube uses trashy video classifier, which scans the youtube homepage and looks at the feedback sent by the users to remove harmful content. They even look at the thumbnails and misleading content which contains offensive words.

Click here to know more about its algorithm.

It gathers our information, such as which thing we are more interested in and starts to recommend those videos. And without knowing yourself, you keep on watching those recommended videos.

You can watch it anywhere you wish

We started to avoid TV and increased usage of smartphones. You can watch your favourite videos on youtube without moving anywhere and switching on tv.

It made us lazy. And we do love doing work without more strain to our body. It is also the advantage which makes you stay on the platform and reduced the usage of TV.

These are the reason which makes me stay on Youtube, not only me even you. And there are so many algorithm and techniques are used by social media to grab the audience. And they try to keep their audience in the platform.




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