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Why Making Teachers Carry Guns is a Horrible Idea

Buster Scruggs in a white shirt with a white hat, pointing a gun at the camera, with a nuke sign added.
The spaghetti western “good guy with a gun” mythos is not applicable to our schools. Image from Netflix’ The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, posted by Nuke sign added by author.

Teachers are already juggling too many jobs and responsibilities.

Teachers juggle dozens of jobs every day. How well could we also juggle a loaded gun? Image from
Twitter thread from
Teachers’ posts on why we already have plenty to keep track of before anyone ads a gun. Twitter thread from

Teachers’ Concerns

X-ray of the author’s dislocated big toe.
My dislocated big toe in 2018, after I dropped a laptop on my toe while handing laptops out to students.



From Twitter:


Twitter post from

Student Safety

Teachers’ working conditions do not lend themselves to keeping a gun secure

A student looks annoyed that a teachers’ butt is in her face as he leans over to help another student.
If this teacher were carrying a gun, how easy would it be for this student to grab it? Image from Pinterest
Female teacher sitting on the rug with students who are sitting in a circle
I once had to ask an elementary school student to stop playing with my toes, but I’m sure none of them would ever reach over and grab a teacher’s gun. Image from Chalkbeat Colorado
Group hug! With a gun in the middle? Image from

Would children be more likely to get shot?

What happens when the teacher has a gun? This image from Shutterstock is more posed and tame than most actual fight situations.

Guns will be likely to increase students’ trauma

Guns will make already-marginalized populations feel LESS safe at school

Arming Teachers is a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Active Shooter Situations

Active shooter drill at a school where men with guns role play clearing an area while students lie on the floor, pretending to be dead or injured.
Students in Portland, Maine role-playing being dead or injured during an active shooter drill. Image from
Twitter thread from




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Writing on the Wall

Writing on the Wall

Suzie Null is a former middle and high school teacher and current professor of Teacher Education. Follow her on Twitter at WritingontheWall @NullSet16