Working with Long Documents Just Got Way Smoother with Copilot

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Struggling to cram your entire thesis into Bing Copilot’s character limit? Those days are over! Microsoft just released two game-changers for long-form content creators: Copilot Notebook and file upload.

Why should you be excited?

These features finally demolish the frustrating 4,000-character limit of the standard Copilot chat. We’re talking about a massive jump to 18,000 characters, perfect for tackling essays, research papers, or that epic blog post you’ve been brainstorming.

But wait, there’s more! Let’s dive into what these features offer and how they can become your secret weapons for conquering working with long documents.

How to Access Them

  • Copilot Notebook: Open Microsoft Edge on your PC and head to Click the “NOTEBOOK” tab to unlock its potential.
  • File Upload: In the Bing Copilot chat interface, there’s a handy paperclip icon near the message bar. Click it to access the “Add File” feature. Upload files directly from your device and right into the chat.

Why They’re Awesome

  • Break free from the character limit: These features are lifesavers for longer projects like essays, research papers, or in-depth articles. With 18,000 characters at your disposal, you can get more comprehensive help with proofreading, summarizing, and more.
  • Unlock hidden insights: Need to extract key points from a document, generate a quick summary, or find specific information fast? Copilot got your back.

Beyond Text Files:

The “Add File” feature is a game-changer because Bing Copilot can handle a variety of file types. Think PDFs, image files (GIF, JPEG, PNG), Microsoft Office documents (DOCX, PPTX, XLSX), OpenOffice files (ODT, ODP), and even plain text and code files (TXT, PY, HTML, CSS, SQL). It even supports web pages!

The Takeaway

With Notebook and File Upload, Microsoft Copilot takes a giant leap forward. Now, you can tackle longer, more complex documents with ease. So, the next time you’re wrestling with a lengthy project, consider leveraging these innovative features to unlock a smoother, more productive writing experience.

NB: Please note that these features are currently in a gradual rollout phase. As a result, some users may not yet see Copilot Notebook and File Upload available in their Microsoft Edge browser and Bing Copilot.



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