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Write To the Point Where You Start Looking Forward to It

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I don’t know if I’ve gotten to the point, but it’s in the works. I’ll explain my writing situation. I treat writing as mandatory. I’ve set my mind to see writing on Medium as a must. I don’t see it any other way, than something I have to do.

I spend 80% of my day writing for clients, so more writing at night feels like one more thing I have to do before I’m free to sleep — to grow my brand.

Some time ago, a friend of mine wanted some help with Copywriting and Content writing courses, and as I was transferring some courses from my laptop to her, she asked if writing was hard. Honestly, I didn’t know what to say.

This article revolves around that question: Is writing hard? I don’t know if it’s hard, but if it is, it won’t be that way forever. I wanted to enter into my advice mode, but for some reason, I didn’t say much. I just said it isn’t if you like what you’re doing. Here’s an article that explains that statement further

But since I wrote that article, I figured out that you can trick your brain to like writing. How?

This sounds like another cliche advice but, hear me out: You just need to keep writing.

A strategy some girls use when they like a guy is they try to wear them down. Suppose you watched ‘The Big Bang Theory’ when Amy liked Sheldon. Sheldon didn’t have any feelings for her. He was an emotionless robot. But Amy kept pushing and kept on staying around and fantasizing about them until Sheldon started loosening up, then some seasons later, their first kiss happened, and then “coitus.” Then at the end of the series, they got married.

One thing I learned from that whole scenario is to show up every day to work on your craft.

It worked for their relationship, and it can work for your relationship with writing.

I wish I told her all these things then, but it’s just as I’m writing that they are coming.

Anyways, if you want to write but struggle to dedicate your time and effort to it, you shouldn’t quit. Instead, you should write.

When you can manage to repeat something every day, your brain would become reliant on it. Somehow, when the time comes to do it, there won’t be anyone to remind you. You’d naturally do it.

This goes beyond writing (I think I should stop focusing on writers alone), content creators, in general, can find this helpful.

You find a valuable skill, and you know you’d like to do it, but you struggle to devote your time to it; If you can start and keep at it every day, you’d notice that your interest in it would improve and you’d start looking forward to it.

It’s that simple.

Thank you for reading



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