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You Need Just One Sentence to Create an Entire Article

I’ll tell you how

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Writing is fun because of how simple it is. These days I’m usually exhausted at the end of the day because of the many projects I handle, but I know I can’t sleep until I write something for Medium.

I would say it has gotten easier coming up with something to share at the end of the day because it’s writing, It’s just like talking to someone, but in written form.

I come up with topic ideas very quickly these days. It’s partly because of habit, but mainly about what I write about. I changed my approach on Medium to just sharing what I’ve learned through my writing journey. I’m not a full-time blogger (yet), but I’m a full-time freelance writer. I talk about my freelancing journey when I write because that’s all that’s in my head at night when I’m about to sleep.

I just rant, and keep at it, hoping you’ll find value in the middle of what I’m saying. Luckily, some people do, but these things I write are usually with my eyes almost closed. But we thank God for strength.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Moving on, I’ve learned to develop content from just a single line thought. If you create content regularly, I’m sure that you must have gotten to that point where you don’t do much research before you write, you just talk about the first thing that comes to your mind and merge stories, and move on.

That’s what I do, by the way. If you see my previous stories, most of what you’ll see are stories of me rambling about something.

Surely I do some research as I write or when I proofread because I’m not trying to share false information and mislead you, but usually not before I write the content.

I’d say I’ve grown a little as a content writer or creator. Before now, I used to go on a popular blog and keep scrolling until I find something interesting to write about. It worked because some of those articles got into big publications, but those articles didn’t feel natural to me. They weren’t unique, and I didn’t like them.

I prefer telling my story.

I won’t want someone to read my content and not look for who I am because it was generic. I prefer to create a connection with my readers by sharing my thoughts and stories.

How I come up with ideas is very simple; I keep staring at the blank page until something comes to my mind. And while writing, I come up with ideas to make the story more interesting. I tell stories, remember things from books I’ve read in the past, and just keep adding till I’m satisfied, then I turn off my laptop and sleep.

I remember when I wrote this article, the inspiration came from just looking at my former phone (iPhone 5s), and I admired the design, and I just started writing about Apple and freelance writing, and as I wrote, it started to make sense. When I was done, I submitted it to WritingCooperative, and they loved it.

My point in this whole story is, write naturally.

I think part of being conversational is to write from your mind — to talk about what’s going on with you. In the end, that’s what people want to know. I try to sprinkle some advice in my stories.

What makes the process easier is expanding your knowledge. Live more, read more,watch movies, go out more, and experience more. All these will help your writing tremendously.

Thank you for reading




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