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Young, Intelligent and Stupid

How many likes? What Filter to use? Which pages to like? Which video to make? Who to troll? What to write?

Millennials stuck in Social Technology Circle

Alright, let me check my SMS, e-mails, messages, likes? Does it sound familiar with the millennial slang?

1980–2000 — The Age of Technology had seen a generation of people grow alongside with it known as the “Millennials” who are the confident bunch ( rather confused) as of today who embrace high thinking, expectations, and careers in this day and age. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat has opened up an avenue of opportunities for the Millennials and also their next-generation Gen Z ( born after 1995 )who got associated with mobiles, social networks, and technology as part of their birth process.

The Gen Z “influencers” of late are in a crisis in their life and work where their systems of emotion, communication, listening, reciprocating, analyzing, and thinking have collapsed due to the social networks. I am not entirely blaming social networks since most of the purpose of these different apps has mainly been to connect people and start new businesses. On the other hand, the downfall of the technology is cheap phones, cheap data, free access to register in social media, and the most important freedom of speech online.

The second decade of the 2000s has challenged the big tech companies on issues such as freedom of speech and misinformation spread online. Polarization, Trolls, Fake News, Misinformation, Threats, Negative Influences are the new normal today where the filter to pause and take a step back is not present among the youth. Cheap data and freely available information online has captured the minds of the people Young and Intelligent and made them obsessed with an online world on a 24x 7 basis.

The question we really need to ask our selves is where is technology heading and where are we heading with it, do we want to control it or be controlled by it, should I deep dive into information that I just read or just take it at face value. Social, Political, Economical, Cultural changes are sadly influenced by people with a phone and access to an online social app, that's it..!!!

Confidence, Dialogue, Competitive Analysis, Logical Thinking, Research, Communication being the instruments of progression till now has been overtaken by social dilemmas which would be detrimental in the long run for the next generation. The age group assumed to be more active on a political, social, activist level seems victimized by the social media vulnerability.

There is a whole world out there without social media. Recently, even tech companies are being scrutinized for their online policies and are asked for filtering content posted online. Freedom of Speech has to be used responsibly to establish meaningful and constructive dialogue which is currently a struggle.

The younger generation needs to be educated in schools and universities on the ethical aspects of social and digital media to delve into discussions. Thoughts, Brainstorming Sessions and Conversations are the current requirement to keep a check on the progress of technology and also on how it would impact the society.

Netflix`s “Social Dilemma” Documentary showcases the effects and impacts of the social media on the current age and would be a great watch for parents with their kids.




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