Age of Empathy Call for #Burnout Submissions — Closed

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Call for Submissions

Please submit personal essays that address how to prevent burnout or how to recover from burnout — or both — between now and March 12th. We will review your articles and schedule them to be published from March 14-March 21, 2021. Scheduled articles will help keep the algorithm happy during our hiatus, so AoE retains her 700+ readership while we’re off eating bonbons, sleeping, sniffing flowers, reading books, blooming spices, dancing, and who knows what else.

You will help make this a success. For that, we thank you in advance.

We’re looking forward to reading your submissions! Please leave a note on your draft submissions that lets us know your article is for #Burnout week. ❤


It’s human to allow ourselves to become overextended and overworked to the point of burnout. We sometimes prioritize work or other obligations that should probably take priority after our self-care, families, spiritual growth, or other important personal growth and nurturing.

When I created Age of Empathy in July 2020 I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn’t sure if there’d be interest and I didn’t anticipate the great sense of responsibility I have toward readers and writers.

I don’t remember exactly when I realized it was too much for me to handle on my own, but I did realize this, thankfully. That’s when I put out calls for co-editors. Since then, past co-editor Melissa Bee (thank you, Melissa) came on board and helped substantially grow engagement and readership on Age of Empathy. Currently, Shanna Loga and Bingz Huang are fantastic co-editors who complete many behind-the-scenes tasks, including crafting prompt announcements and winners, editing submissions, judging prompt submissions, keeping morale high, and more. Thank you both!

What am I getting at? We need a break. When I don’t allow myself to take a break from the things I love, I start resenting those things and getting really cranky. I don’t want to be a cranky editor and I don’t want AoE co-editors to feel that way either.

I want to model good self-care for our readers and writers. That means understanding when things are not urgent. Operating a publication is not an emergency situation in which editors must be present all the time. One of the challenging things about running an online publication is that it appears the editors behind it may be available 24/7. We’re not.

My hope is taking scheduled breaks will remind us that we aren’t robots. And, that it’s okay that we aren’t robots. I’m also hoping our scheduled breaks will remind you that you aren’t robots. It’s absolutely okay to take breaks from being online, from cranking out writing, from showing up every day for everyone. We have limited energy. Let’s use it wisely.

“I’m not a big advocate for working every single day. It’s the fast track to burnout if you ask me. We aren’t robots. We need to rest our minds and do something other than writing. We need to play, read, and interact with people to have something to write about!” — Kelly Eden, Inspired Writer Editor in Chief




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Aimée Gramblin

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