Age of Empathy
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Age of Empathy


A poem on the prompt: spark

Sometimes it’s quiet and lifeless
but embers still quiver
under a guise
recharging and feeding
off the kindling
other times the whole house is ablaze
not an ember to be found
only electric sparks, shocks, and flames
spreading throughout
erupting into words and kisses
onto the pages of your body
submerged in pink ink.



We publish high-quality personal essays, humor essays, and writer interviews. Our goal is to provide a place for experienced writers to share authentic stories and connect with others, collectively celebrating a common passion, striving toward an age of empathy.

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Lindsay Soberano-Wilson

Hoods of Motherhood: A Collection of Poems forthcoming May 2023 | Creator: Put It To Rest | Casa de mi Corazon: A Travel Journal. (BEd. MA.)