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Growing in Empathy

September 26, 2020, Newsletter Volume #12

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

Hope this newsletter finds you doing well! First things first — a small and important order of business. Shanna had the wonderful suggestion of using the Self tag for all essays moving forward instead of Essay, which is neither curatable or a top writer tag. I’m going through to change the Essay tag on past essays to Self. We hope this will help increase curation and top writer status for everyone.

Additionally, there’s a new style guide update regarding links at the end of stories:

Links to related articles

You are welcome to use one box link to a related piece at the bottom of your submission. Here’s what a box link looks like:

Minimizing box links keeps the page cleaner and gives the reader fewer choices where to go next, hopefully helping them choose to click on your story. We are inundated with choices in this day and age and presenting one option makes for an easier reading experience.

You may use as many embedded links as you’d like. Embedded links look like this.

If you are responding to a prompt and wish to tag other writers, please feel free to link as many as you’d like. For example, type “@[NAME OF WRITER] inspired me to write this piece” to hyperlink to their profile. It looks like this: Shanna Loga.

We’re also working on a way to feature stand-out stories from our writers — this is forthcoming as Shanna and I figure out the how of doing this on the landing page. We’re excited and thank you for your patience! :)

I guess I’ve been missing feeling the traditions our family has built up over the past few years of decorating a little bit for Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving (Friendsgiving or Indigenous People’s Day) because I pulled a mish-mash of tchotchkes from the attic and went to town a few days ago.

We now have a witch that my kids says looks like me near the entryway, a fox on the front door, salt and pepper turkey shakers, and a Sweater Weather sign in the kitchen along with other trinkets scattered here and there.

Decorating has never come as a natural desire to me. However, I love going to the homes of people who love decorating. My daughter, Ceci, loves decorating. I took her with me last fall to JoAnn’s Fabric and we loaded up on discount decorations.

Now, we’re all set. It turns out I just needed a personal shopper — I don’t mind putting the items out. My husband David teased me and asked what holiday we were celebrating. “All of them,” I answered, “I’m thinking about taking down the Christmas tree next and putting the witch on top.”

Writing Prompt

Are there traditions that you cherished in your childhood? Have you created traditions in your adult life? In an essay, poem, or piece of fiction write about your cherished traditions. Do you have an autumn bonfire with friends? A Christmas tree burning in January? Maybe you took an old tradition and put a new spin on it. Maybe you have a relative, like INFJ Elder, who brings New Year’s cheer with English crackers every year. We open them after all the gift opening and wear our paper crowns with big grins. We’re looking forward to learning all about traditions from around the world.

In Gratitude,
Aimée and Shanna, Editorial Team

Aimée’s mom and children wearing their holiday crowns. December 2016. Image provided by Aimée.

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