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Growing in Empathy

January 16, 2021, Newsletter Volume #3

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Greetings, Readers and Writers,

Someone recently asked me (Aimée) for references on writing poetry. First of all, poetry is very subjective. My Bachelor’s and Master’s degree is each in English with a Creatives Studies emphasis in writing poetry, so I have quite a bit of training on the form. Honestly though, it has been almost fifteen years since I graduated from school and a lot of what I’ve learned I don’t remember in a concrete way. I write both from what I’ve internalized through education and from my own intuition. I believe I began studying poetry as soon as I began listening to the lyrics of The Beatles, Bruce Sprinsteen, John Denver, and The Eagles in my parents' living room.

That said, I’m going to give two tips for novice and experienced poets.

Aimée has written another article which appears in Better Marketing to help writers understand our power and responsibility to readers. It’d be great if you’d give it a read. We are linking both of Aimée’s Better Marketing writing articles in the Age of Empathy “Style Guide” so you can have them readily available for reference.


  • Did you know when you edit while another person is editing in your draft, the changes won’t save for one of you? If you notice a peer reviewer or editor is working on your draft, leave it be for a good thirty minutes. Then, check the notes. That saves everyone the time of re-writing notes.
  • We request you use the three dot section dividers between each of your sections and use Title Case without punctuation for your subheadings. This keeps the aesthetic of articles appearing in Age of Empathy uniform.

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

The January writing prompt instructions for “What’s Your Spark?” are listed here.

We hope you have a fantastic week! Happy reading and writing. ❤

This Week’s Stories

Every writer appreciates the readers who enjoy their work. We strongly encourage you to snuggle up with a blanket, grab your favorite beverage, step outside on the veranda, and set some time aside to read the fantastic content of Age of Empathy. Clap, highlight, and comment. Support the hard work of AoE writers.

One From The Archives

Within This Skin by Denise G

January Prompt Response

When I Stop Searching For an Ending by Telling You Something NEW

Forgiveness by Jenine Bsharah Baines NEW

The Timeless Flame That Lives in My Human Heart by Elle How NEW

Play on Little Lost Soul by Kevin Jahleel Ishimwe NEW

Live Like You Know You’re Favored by the Gods by Evelyn Marentette

The Poetry of Our Daily Bread by David Todd McCarty

Spark it Up by Jill Kelley

Did you know?

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You make this little experiment in empathy work. Thank you for reading, writing, and engaging. We appreciate you.

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