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Growing in Empathy

September 12, Newsletter Volume #10

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Greetings Readers and Writers,

September 6th marked Age of Empathy’s two month anniversary. Considering the newness of our publication, I’m quite happy with the readers following us and the caliber of writers joining in publishing with us. If you have any reader or writer friends who you think would enjoy our publication, please pass on the word. Word of mouth is a great organic way for publications to continue their growth.

Writing Prompt: Fiction

I’m still hoping to home more fiction pieces. Feel challenged by writing fiction? Consider trying microfiction or flash fiction to start with. Alex Kilcannon has this great tutorial. I have it archived and use it often when writing flash fiction.

I also like using photos as fiction prompts as I did for my story “The Hike” in PS I Love You.


  • Did you know? Medium has introduced 2 new topic tags: Nonfiction and Astrology. You might like to start using them as tags where appropriate.
  • Shanna Loga has been working on updating the AoE style guide. That will be emailed soon.

I just want to take a moment to express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. AoE has exceeded my expectations and brought gifts I had no idea would come to fruition, including new friendships and peer writing relationships. It’s a really neat thing.

In Gratitude,


The Numbers: Age of Empathy now has 150 followers and 58 contributors! Thank you for your support as both writers and readers.

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New Contributors

Welcome aboard to these new Age of Empathy contributors: Paige Powell | Alice Toneatto | Tracy Luk | Carolyn Riker | Aamna I. Rizvi | Michael Whalen | Suntonu Bhadra | Roxana Anton | Veronica Skye




We publish high-quality personal essays, humor essays, and writer interviews. Our goal is to provide a place for experienced writers to share authentic stories and connect with others, collectively celebrating a common passion, striving toward an age of empathy.

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