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Growing in Empathy

November 7, 2020, Newsletter Volume #18

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Greetings, Readers and Writers,

I know tensions are high for many as we navigate the United States election from within and without the U.S. Let’s be kind and keep our creative spirits going. I think that’s a nurturing thing to do.

Before I forget, we’ve made a couple of adjustments to the Age of Empathy submission guidelines.

  • We require prose to be a minimum of 2 minutes read time
  • We adjusted editorial response time from within 24 hours to within 48 business hours. This is our way of practicing self-care of us editors. It’s important. Trust me — you don’t want burnt out, frazzled editors reviewing your submissions.

We have some fun numbers to report this week. Age of Empathy reached 300 readers (followers) and 100 Twitter followers this week. Woot woot!

Star Writer

This week’s Star Writer is Ailsa Bristow. Ailsa has contributed essays on anxiety, friendship, the pandemic, and coffee along with poetry. Congratulations, Ailsa! Support Ailsa by going to her tab and reading her stories. And, be on the lookout next week for a new Star Writer. It could be you!

In Gratitude,
Aimée, Shanna, and Melissa, Editorial Team

Writing Prompt

Melissa Bee is posting bi-monthly prompt stories on the 1st and 15th of each month. Prompts are found under the Prompt tab on the Age of Empathy homepage.

November 1–15 AoE Prompt Number 1.

Prompt Response: How I Finally Got The Guts to Start Saying *Yes* to Myself — And You Can, Too

Engagement Series

Melissa Bee has kickstarted an amazing series of stories to promote community/writer engagement in the Age of Empathy community and on the wider Medium platform. Be sure to read it here: Let’s Get Engaged! — Part I. Then, consider writing one yourself.

Prompt Response: Dear Writers, I’m Head Over Heels For You — Let’s Get *Engaged*!

Writer Bios and Interviews

Find inspiration for your writing your own writer bio and/or interviewing a fellow writer by going to the Writer Bios and Interviews tab on the AoE homepage. Tag these stories with #Bio so they are filtered into the right place.

This Week’s Stories

Every writer appreciates the readers who enjoy their work. Please take a few moments and read at least one piece from each category. Clap, highlight, and comment. Support the hard work of AoE writers.


Denise G
Freedom to Be One’s Authentic Self

Carolyn Riker
What Happens When Creative People Suppress Their Creativeness?

Michael Burg, MD
You’re Going to Make Me Go Viral
Writer Responsibility and Reader Responsibility

Kate Lynch
Election Meditation Practice of Calling in Protection for Those Most at Risk*
*Good meditation for protection at any time, in my opinion-Aimée

Alice Toneatto
Here Come The Ladybugs

Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her)
Save Time and Money With the Magic of Fried Rice

Kristina Segarra
When All is Lost Hope is Found


No fiction selections this week


Pretheesh Presannan
Do Not Tell

A.H. Faiz
Tonight I’m Catching A Dragon
The Fault In Our Stars

Dr. Fatima Imam
Woman of Colour in a Marginalized Minority
Humanity Functions With Ingenuity and Authenticity

Celeste Tsang
A Poem About History and New Beginnings

Amy Pierovich
Sweet Noreen
I Remember
Dawn Breaks
Missing You

Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers


Ema Dumitru
Moving On

Suntonu Bhadra

Did you know?

For now, Age of Empathy considers previously self-published drafts.

The Numbers: Age of Empathy now has 303 followers and 90 contributors! We are averaging over 125 visitors per day to the Age of Empathy publication. Thank you for your support as both writers and readers.

*Join our private Facebook group for building community and sharing work.*

New Contributors

Welcome aboard to these new Age of Empathy contributors: Ema Dumitru| Dr. Fatima Imam | Hogan Torah | Celeste Tsang | A.H. Faiz | Camilla Marando | Kim McKinney

Please help continue spreading the word about AoE. We are proud of our empathetic, diverse, inspirational content. Let’s lift each other up.

Age of Empathy Contributors:

Julene Cole |Kat of Magik | Melissa Bee | Owais Ali | Denise G | Shanna Loga | Em Unravelling | Raihana Rahman Nazifa | TanyaIv | Ashley Shannon | INFJ Elder | Anita Nahal | AJ Krow | Uma Bode | Connie Song | Alyssa Nicole Maaño | Galit Birk, PhD | Aimée Gramblin | Lucy The Eggcademic (she/her) | Victor Lau | Adriana Sim | Aeril Trinidad | Amy Cubbon | Evince Uhurebor | Lynne Nardizzi | Vaidehi Telkar | Anne Chisom | That’s Jacqueline | Bingz Huang | Halimah K. | Eunice Gikonyo, Msc Psychology | Katia Filatov | Anna da Silva | G.Lodhia M. Edu | Ebrahim Haque Bhatti | Qalam | Salma Alaa | Sashawne Smith | shanu sadhwani | Kate Lynch | Paige Powell | Alice Toneatto | Tracy Luk | Carolyn Riker | Aamna I. Rizvi | Michael Whalen | Suntonu Bhadra | Roxana Anton | Veronica Skye | Ailsa Bristow | Roger Skibowski | Ana Ryan| Kylie Craft | Fareeha Arshad | Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers | Jezebel Feast | Mahmudul Islam | Maria Ines Montenegro | Anu Anniah | Pretheesh Presannan | Jonathan Isbill MS, RDN | Penofgold | Nicholas Freedman | Elan Cassandra | Caitlin Vestal | Dean Middleburgh | Emily Smith| Stella Brüggen | Tina L. Smith | Kristie Darling | Rachael Ann Sand | Fade Rudman | Michael Burg, MD | Michelle Loucadoux, MBA | Shabaira Junaid | Terry Mansfield | Amy Pierovich | Sarah Paris | Tom Kolodziejczak | Syed Zaidi | Nishi | Steven E. Brown | Kristina Segarra | Ema Dumitru| Dr. Fatima Imam | Hogan Torah | Celeste Tsang | A.H. Faiz | Camilla Marando | Kim McKinney




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