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Have You Ever Wondered If Life Could Be Put In a Dictionary?

If the journey of an ideal life could be listed in alphabetical order

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Arrival of a new born.
Beginning of parenting, bonding, learning.
Caring and grooming of a future citizen.
Developing a healthy mind and soul.
Education, a must, as an elixir of wise life.
Foundation of strong character for life’s stability.
Guidance to the path of devout yet worldly life.
Honor — a sense to be instilled and pursued.
Ideals and intelligence to be awakened and polished.
Judgement — an instinct to follow the right conscience.
Knowledge to be gained as the best treasure for self.
Love — the immortal feeling to be given and won till death.
Motherhood — universal source of life and inspiration.
Noble deeds need be executed instead of just preached.
Organization — a chart to be sketched out for proper living at
every stage.
Patience — the most wanted virtue for peace and sanity.
Quality to be cultivated for wise and prosperous living.
Reality of self to be accepted with both positive and lacking
Silence — a state adopted frequently to refresh the soul.
Teacher — the essential vital catalyst to lead your mind and
character on a proper track.
Understanding -a talent needed to be successful in community life.
Wisdom — a potion for healthy and boisterous mind and soul.
XL-size of excellence in every phase of self-grooming and career.
Youth not to be wasted but utilized as stepping stone for future accomplishments.
Zenith of character, soul, heart and mind, leading to the inevitable destination — HEAVEN Beyond

A simple outlook of life

As a child, I used to wonder if there could be a simple guide-book to navigate life into the right course. As I grew up, I realized that our religious books are meant to be the perfect guides to a good life and ideal society. Unfortunately, the preachers of every religion are so busy warning and scaring the disciples(us) about Hell and punishments and the superiority of their faith, that they fail to instill the zeal to have a blissful life and the message about the simplicity of living, in us.

I wonder if the poem above, gives the right path to the way of living and can be applicable to every human on this earth.

Please leave your comments about your thoughts on this topic.

So much from this soulfulheart(pen name). Adios for now.



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