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Age of Empathy

Is “Radical Civility” the Courage You Need?

How to Talk to An A##hole Without Losing Your Sh*t

Profile of angry-looking red rooster
Photo credit: Gilmer Diaz-Estala, Pixels

Listen first.

Be curious.



Get consent.

Brown dog sitting and raising one paw
Asking permission opens the door. (Photo by Camilla Battani on Unsplash)

Give your (and ONLY your) perspective.

Thank the listener


Try to change minds.

Continue if you feel like you’re losing it.

Feel like you have to talk to every a##hole.

There are many possible outcomes when you are successful in talking with your chosen a##hole. Including:

Be the Grownup. See what happens.

black and white photo of adult hand against baby hand, gentle fist-bump
Photo by Heike Mintel on Unsplash



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