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Leave my Uterus Out of This — Let’s Talk About Your Kidneys

A 3-Step Plan to Get Our Bodies Back

Several women protesters standing in the street, one blonde woman with a black mask holding a sign saying, “Our Bodies, Our Streets.”
Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

1. Make the fetus a person.

2. Convince a bunch of people that saving the lives of these little cell-swarms is noble work.

3. Elect state and federal politicians who talk a lot about the sanctity of life,

They made a 3-step plan and then they stuck to it with a strategy that would make the Queen’s Gambit look like hopscotch.

“I am not your cornfield, not your uranium mine, not your calf for fattening, or your cow for milking… Priests and legislators do not hold shares in my womb or my mind. This is my body. If I give it to you, I want it back. My life is a non-negotiable demand.”

Marge Piercy, writer and activist

Hands of a woman and man holding a pair of tiny baby sneakers between them.
Photo by Drew Hays on Unsplash
Drawing of person in surgical scrubs carrying a cooler labeled “Human Organ for Transplant.”
Image by author using befunky photo software

Stop making abortion laws, people. Make “pregnancy responsibility laws.”



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