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Narration Station — The Narrative Collective Newsletter: 15th May 2022

The home of high-quality, personal and humor nonfiction essays

Happy Sunday to all of our wonderful readers and writers, and welcome to our bi-weekly (going forward) newsletter.

Here at the Suite 1984 Publishing group, headed by the amazing KiKi Walter, we have been turning the rusty cogs in our aging heads (it’s okay, I’m only speaking for some of us, Bernice Puzon and Anjali Joshi) to work out the best ways to keep delivering a consistently high standard of communication and care from our team to all of the writers and readers in each of the publications, while giving sufficient attention to each one. As the nominated Chief Editor of The Narrative Collective, you lucky duckies have me to deliver the goods, in general, every two weeks. I say ‘in general’ because life is fluid and the memoir queen herself may well have something important to share from time to time. Or I might just go on holiday (that’s a vacation to anyone from across the pond from where I reside in England) and delegate another willing soul.

It’s been a pleasure to welcome all of the new writers who communed with our bot “Zen” to let us know that you wanted to join the family. If you aren’t yet a writer and want to be added, please let Zen know by clicking here.

Motherhood never ends

I hope that everyone who was celebrating Mother’s Day last weekend had a truly wonderful celebration. I know that it comes in all sorts of different shapes and forms, and not everyone is able to spend it with their mothers/sons or daughters, but I hope that all the mothers here were able to honour themselves for the amazing job you have done until now, and continue to do. For mothering never ends…

Thus, our May prompt, Motherhood, will remain our themed prompt for the rest of the month, and a prompt that you can continue to use beyond that. Prompts never die here.

We have had some wonderful essays in response this prompt. Please check out the latest ones here:

Every Morning I Doubt My Mothering, and Most Days I Embrace My Imperfection by Kate Lynch

Women Can Embody the Energy of Motherhood Without Wanting to Become Mothers by Amanda Kay Oaks

I Was Such a Good Parent Before I Had Kids by Christine Greenwald

Our week’s library of content

The quality and content that is submitted and published here every day continues to blow my mind. Thank you to all who have contributed your incredible work. Please take some time to read the latest stories and to support your fellow writers here at The Narrative Collective.

Driving Until Your Butt Hurts by Terry Barr

My Mental Health Crisis Was a Blessing in Disguise by Charles Amemiya

Giving Myself Permission to Take Up Space by Bernice Puzon

Every Day I Remember Death by Kate Bracy

To Dye or Not To Dye? by Rhiannon James

Hey Brain — Who’s Running the Show Here? by Greg Hopkins

Surviving the Crash of a Failed Marriage by Deb Groves Harman

Life Under the Mango Tree by Suzanne Johnson

Spending Time in the Ex’s House by Bald Smooth and Chinese

Finally…increase your reads and network with great writers

Have you heard about Suite 1984’s latest initiative — The Reading Club?

This is something that Gaurav Jain has put together only for writers from our group of publications, to enable you to get more eyes on your work and read the work of other fantastic writers. This, in turn, will tell Algy the Algorithm that your writing rocks, and get it put in front of lots more eager eyes.

If you write for any of the following publications, you are eligible to apply:

  • The Memoirist
  • The Press Box
  • Songstories
  • QuickTalk
  • The Narrative Collective (formerly Age of Empathy)
  • The Mayhem

Get all the juicy details here:

And, with that, I want to wish you a wonderful rest of the month of May. Keep writing, keep reading, and keep sharing the the beautiful way that you do!


The editorial team for Suite 1984 Publications XOX

KiKi Walter Gaurav Jain Bernice Puzon Anjali Joshi Christopher Robin Gerald Sturgill Michael L Butler Scott Younkin Marketa Zvelebil Preeti Ramachandran Sofia Chen Suzanne Pisano Tamil Drashti Shroff Christine Schoenwald



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