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The Narrative: Mid-August Round-up

Some of our amazing essays for your perusal

Welcome to August my sweet scribblers!

I trust that the summer months (for those in the northern hemisphere) are suitably nourishing both your body and mind, and the words are flowing steadily for all Narrative Collective readers and writers.

Rather than blast you with a formal newsletter, I am saving that for the start of September and am here to simply share some great essays that I and the fellow editors at The Narrative Collective have read so far this month.

All of the following stories touched me in some manner, or gave me something to think about. I hope you find them as thought-provoking, moving, and entertaining as I did.

So, without further ado, here is a lovely collection for you to enjoy as you lounge by the pool or on the beach…

So I May Be Failing at Being an Adult by Katie @ Awesomely Adept

The Man Looking in the Mirror by Cliff Hightower

My Strong Woman’s Body on Camino de Santiago by Deb Groves Harman

The Viral Article That Impacted My Mental Health by Bernice P.

I’m So Tired of Breathing by Jocelyn G

Our Neighborhood Deli Closed and I Can’t Stop Crying by Martha Manning, Ph.D.

A Learning Experience from a Caricature Artist by Terry O

Be Prepared for This If You Write About Your Life by Barbara Carter

Establishing Boundaries by Suzanne Johnson

Feeling Gratitude While Supporting a Friend in a Sad and Stressful Situation by Delilah Rose

One Perfect Love by Kim Kelly

Worst Relationship Advice? Watch How They Treat Their Parents by Ira Robinson

Towers of Boiling Memories by Terry Barr

Six Years After Divorce I’m Declaring Myself Healed! by Bald Smooth and Chinese

Empowering Myself by Jay Davidson

Not Her Grandchild by Catherine Dunn

Wishing you a wonderful remainder of August. Look out for a new prompt as we move into September and the changing season.

Your editorial team,

Sally Prag | KiKi Walter | Christopher Robin | Suzanne Pisano | Marketa Zvelebil | Deb Groves Harman | Scott Younkin | Mike Butler | Sofia Chen | Kit Desjacques | kt lee | Ira Robinson | Bernice P.



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