Age of Empathy
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Age of Empathy

The Range of Emotions

Haiku series

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

Happy like bubbles
and funnel cakes at the fair
Present, peaceful heart.

Sad like an ice cream
Cone that falls on the ground, splat!
Shattered, crushed, empty.

Angry like too short
For the twisty ride; not fair!
Stifled, clenched inside.



We publish high-quality personal essays, humor essays, and writer interviews. Our goal is to provide a place for experienced writers to share authentic stories and connect with others, collectively celebrating a common passion, striving toward an age of empathy.

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Galit Birk, PhD

Galit Birk, PhD


Psychology, human potential, therapy, coaching, possibility, vulnerability, authenticity, connection, being known, giving my words wings! Perfectly imperfect.