How to charge your smartphone in a good way

Charge your smartphone in a good way!

Many of you may think that is there any ways to do it or am I doing in a bad way.

How to charge your Smartphone?

Yes! There are some rules to do it.

You can’t put your mobile just like that to charging.

Those who randomly charge your phone they don’t have to worry about their mobile or Smartphone.

Unfortunately, everyone charges for a certain percentage that might be 100% or below to that.

In this article, I am about to teach the way of charging your smartphone.

It is not hard although, following this precaution can keep your battery from being a detriment.

Before that, I will tell you the symptoms of a detrimental battery.


Is your Smartphone charging very lately or very early instead of usual timings of your Smartphone?

Even some Smartphone charges jump to backward i.e. from higher percentage to lower percentage while charging?

Those who facing the above problems, this article is especially for you. Let’s start gathering the rules.

Smartphone adapter:

what ???

What is the problem with adapter, even nowadays every charger port and pin comes in common shape?

So why don’t I use that, it doesn’t mean that you can put other company Smartphone charger into your Mobile, this is where you mobile start to get detriment.

What can I do then? All you have to do is

All you have to do is “use the charger adapter that comes with your smartphone”.

If you don’t have one, Read more

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