Things to note for your new computer purchase

If you are planning to make a new computer purchase, the first thing which comes in your mind is Brand,

because that makes the rest of your decisions good.

In spite of branding, there are some things that geeks always expects the computer to be more advanced.

Yes! There are some things you need to take care of before buying a desktop or laptop.

In this article, I am about to explain those things.

Don’t worry if you are non-geek or Non-techie or Non-computer guy. I will explain you to know as simple as possible.

As well as it is a vision of



Now I will explain the list of things below.

Remain your computer technical specification:

It purely depends on the job you do.

If you are techie then you are in need of system with good RAM and storage space for your coding.

If you are a designer then you are in need of high RAM with a high-end processor and high Graphics memory.

Whatever your profession is, if you want a good computer then you need to invest more amount that completes your work easily.

A computer with least of 8GB RAM and 1TB of the hard disk is good for everyone.

Don’t forget to check the processor speed that is the most important one if you are buying a new computer.

A processor speed defines the speed of computer even if your computer RAM is little low.

if the above terms are not familiar to you then continue read the article

Check your warranty guide:

If you are planned to assemble or to buy a whole computer, check the warranty guide first.

Each company has its own warranty restrictions.

As for precaution, if you read those lines then it will be good for you and for your computer too.

Assembling your computer is better:

Always assembling a computer is a good option, instead of buying a new one.

Because each product comes with an individual warranty, so you can reclaim it easily when it gets Read more

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