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Can you self-teach UX design?

There’s never been a better time for a fresh start. Ready to start yours this year?

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Long story short, it’s time to get off the fence and make a decision. There’s nothing worse than an unmade decision!

In the following article, we’ll cover

✔️ How Do I Become a UX designer?
✔️ Learn UX design fundamentals
✔️ Invest in the right design software
✔️ Build a portfolio of your work
✔️ Apply to relevant UX design jobs
✔️ Our UX designers in demand in 2022?
✔️ Useful Resources

How Do I Become a UX designer? || Let’s Start!

With passion, you will find a way to leverage the skills they have and pick up the ones they don’t.

Understanding why users perform certain actions and what makes them continue using a site (or abandoning that site) is key to creating a digital product that meets user needs as well as business goals.

Fortunately, there are thousands of free & affordable UX tutorials: resources and challenges all at your disposal.

This article will cover the four steps you’ll need to become a self-taught UI/UX designer In 2022:

- Learn UX design fundamentals
- Invest in the right design software
- Build a portfolio of your work
- Apply to relevant UX design jobs

A good place to start in the world of design is to take action with UI challenges like [Daily UI]( which offers a series of challenges and surprise Rewards that’ll make you a better designer in 100 days.

Learn UX design fundamentals

To become a UX designer in 2022, we can agree that you’ll need a strong foundation of project management alongside communication & collaboration skills.

The market is completely open for more UX designers. That’s exactly why you should check out UX design courses: podcasts and boot camps.

Here are a couple to get you started

- High Resolution — Podcast

- CareerFoundry — Bootcamp

- DesignLab — Bootcamp

- Thinkful — Bootcamp

- General Assembly — Bootcamp

Make it a habit to keep up to date with trending UI/UX designs on Dribbble to stay current, get creative inspiration, and follow designers you admire.

Invest in the right design software

Typically, UX designers rely on a range of different products to design beautiful user experiences.

Here’s a quick rundown…..

- Sketch (Wireframing)
- Illustrator (Wireframing)
- InVision Studio (Wireframing)
- Adobe XD (Wireframing)
- Axure (Wireframing)
- Figma (Wireframing)
- Marvel (Wireframing)
- Photoshop (Interface design)
- Flinto (AdvancedPrototyping)
- Framer (AdvancedPrototyping)
- ProtoPie (AdvancedPrototyping)

It’s really up to you to decide which software feels most intuitive and user-friendly to you. (There is no right tool)

Build a portfolio of your work | Download free UI kits to fast track your design journey!

Working on your own UX projects will help you practice and refine the skills you have and gain experience as you encounter new challenges, all while generating work that can go into your UX design portfolio.

Look for challenging projects that put to use your knowledge of UX design fundamentals and the design thinking process, and give yourself the opportunity to practice creating UI design elements and responsive designs.

Then, learn how to create mockups for your designs, and consider posting them online for feedback to further improve.

Apply to relevant UX design jobs

Here are a few of the most common UX design job titles you may encounter during a job search:

- Content Strategist
- UX Designer
- User Researcher
- UX Researcher
- Usability Tester
- Information Architect
- Experience Designer
- UI/UX Developer

Are our UX designers in demand in 2022?

Consider this……

- The tech industry was one of the first to recover from covid with more vacancies than ever (30,000+).

- LinkedIn has even ranked UX design as one of the top 5 in-demand skills as of 2020.

- Glassdoor added UX design to their list of the best 50 jobs to have in 2021.

The culture is heavily based on mentoring and knowledge sharing.

Come and see for yourself!

Useful Resources

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