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How to get Google to Index your website

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Today, the day started interestingly. I was talking to a client about the data from the first SEO Management report I submitted and I remembered a video I watched a few days ago. So I came up with the idea of ​​creating a small scope that gives you the idea of ​​How to get Google to index Site.

I was working a SEO Management for a Law Firm where the goal to increase the visibility of the website on internet.

The video I watched few days ago was the Accountant Anderson Hernandes (Brazil) where he offers Digital Marketing for Accounting. What caught my attention was: Minimum contract of 3 months. It’s the minimum time to reach a reasonable level of knowledge on the way foward.

Well, the big first challenge is to try to show the customer that getting interesting results with Digital Marketing demands time, dedication and understanding about subject.

The internet is full place for mistakes and misconcepts. They say about Responsive Design, advanced content text and so on. And none of this will make you get the desired result.

What we know about Relevant x Relevant by Gogle?

What we know: Beautful site, full of interesting elements, responsive layout, Cta here and there, super content and so on.

And the Google: Viral page. Simple!!!!

Yes! This is the truth…

Let me try to explain:

  • Your website: Beautful! Title, meta, tags, content, etc.
  • Competitor’s website: Hundres of people access.
Traffic! That’s what matters for Google.

Google is an advertising machine, it will not give value to a website that does not attract anyone. Are you clear?

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