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Guiding Words for 2022

We’re one month into the New Year — which means your resolutions are either going strong or long gone. Every week our creative department sits down to discuss what’s on our minds at the moment. Life experiences, industry insights, culture, trends…you name it.

In discussing the year so far, we asked, “What single word or phrase are you using to set the tone for 2022?” Here’s what our team had to say:


It’s imperative as a valued service provider to push ourselves to the edge of our capabilities. We must stretch to define the next marker of professional and personal growth for our people, partners, clients and their customers. I look forward to expanding the definition of our edge and fostering the momentum in 2022. — Javier, President and COO


How can the unique perspectives, experiences, and skillsets of each of our creative team members’ be maximized to influence our work? What will we learn about creativity, ourselves, and each other? I’m excited to lean into our people and our trust in each other to make magic happen! –– Angela, Associate Creative Director


Beyond the setting goals for personal and professional growth, just as important is being sure to take stock of the ways different situations and events force us to grow. I’m trying to remind myself and my teammates this year to take time reflect on how we’ve grown in ways we may not always be mindful of. –– David, Director of Strategy & Storytelling


Keep improving and refining things that work. But don’t forget to reset, so that new ideas and influences can breakthrough. –– Shane, Design Director


Letting go of past pains as well as our collective pandemic trauma, so they don’t hinder our outlook on the future. The idea is to carry the lessons learned but not the hurt. This way, we can approach challenges with fresh eyes and optimism for what could be. –– Mike, Content Lead


Every day it seems like there is something new to discover. By continuing to educate and expand our skillsets in developing technologies, we can deliver incredibly unique experiences that are exciting for people to engage with. It’s an inspiring incentive to continue exploring new creative opportunities and possibilities. –– Sean, Senior Designer


In the context of adapting and transitioning to life’s challenges, new experiences, new people, new teams. Don’t resist, don’t compromise either. Just dive in and flow with it. –– Jorge, Senior Designer


In these times full of uncertainty and factors outside of our control — the ability to adapt is crucial. Our mindset is the one thing we can control. Quickly responding to the unexpected with a focus on other solutions is a key component to our survival and success. –– Oriana, Content Writer & Producer

During our weekly conversations as a team, we connect on deeper levels and build stronger relationships that ultimately benefit our work. Turns out, better communication leads to better collaboration. Looking at this list, it’s not surprising that our words are complimentary — even harmonious.

What’s your guiding word or phrase for 2022? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned for more Agency/Life reflections in the year ahead.

You can learn more about Experiences For Mankind on our website or contact us with an email. We’re always looking for brilliant clients and partnerships.



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