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Guiding Words for 2023

We are already a few weeks into 2023 and looking forward to many exciting possibilities ahead. Experiences For Mankind got together as a group to think about the year past and the year waiting. In reflection, we each determined a word that we’d like to take closer with us. Here’s what our Client Experience team shared:


I’m going into this year with more clarity on what we can do and need to do than I ever have before. I want to keep that clarity — the vividness — to our goals, our growth, and the agency we strive to be. No cloudy visions here.
— Morgan, Partner and CXO


This is the year that I’m going to take action. It’s time to stop talking about doing things and actually do them. Personal and professional growth should be in abundance for me this year. — Nick, Sr. Account Manager

Adam Jones, Director of Client Experience


My 2022 whipsawed between lows like a significant death in the family to highs like being able to stay overnight on an aircraft carrier at sea. Reflecting on this reminded me to be present in enjoyable moments as they don’t last forever, and to maintain hope in difficult moments for the exact same reason. Thus, I want to take each day in 2023 as it comes, appreciate the lesson it teaches me, show gratitude or course correct as needed and repeat the process the next day. “Today” felt like the perfect word to keep me on track! — Adam, Director of Client Experience


Things don’t always go as planned and we are often too critical of ourselves. I want to remind myself to think and act positive in the face of challenges and to get inspiration from our success. — Miyu, Sr. Project Manager

Tanya Khan, Sr. Account Manager


For 2023, I want to focus on my health, by finding balance in my life. I want to work towards feeling healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually for my life — in and out of work. To strive for healthy work experience, healthy habits, and healthy relationships. — Tanya, Sr. Account Manager


Among the EFM team, I’m known as the over-apologizer. And while I’d like to blame my awesome empathy skills, I know this habit really comes from my struggle with imposter syndrome. In 2023, I’m choosing to live more boldly — at work and in life. I want to take risks and push myself, and my creativity, in daring ways. I hope that by expanding past my comfort zone, I will become more courageous and confident and unapologetic — because why shouldn’t I be? — Kira, Strategist and Client Experience Jill of Many Trades

Team Meeting in the Office

We enjoy having these weekly conversations as a team — we get to know each other beyond the day-to-day. Our Client Experience team is up for great challenges ahead, including taking on several unique projects with our creative and strategy team. If this interests you, maybe we’re the next team for you to join?

As of this posting, we are hiring for the new year. You can learn more about our open positions on our website here or follow our company updates on our LinkedIn here.

You can learn more about Experiences For Mankind on our website or contact us with an email. We’re always looking for brilliant clients and partnerships.



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