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This Caught Our Eye | Vol 4

Ever wonder what strategic creative agencies are sharing amongst each other? This is our monthly behind-the-scenes look at the things that got us chatting and that we think you’d find just as interesting.

‘De-influencing’ is still… influencing

Instead of using social channels to promote products, influencers are now telling audiences what not to buy. Yet, at its heart, “de-influencing” is still influencing. Creators are using the opportunity to connect with audiences on a personal level and regain trust in the influencer industry by swaying purchasing decisions. But just how long this trend will last remains to be seen.

Super Bowl marketing has a real problem — too many ads and not enough campaigns

Campaigns are never-ending stories that connect audiences to and help them trust brands. They also give brands space to shoot for the moon and make ads stand apart — something that stand-alone ad spots leave to be desired. So, why don’t we see more campaigns during Super Bowls?

ChatGPT, generative AI tools are being used to create fake brand collabs

Generative AI is being used to imagine fake brand collaborations that have been circulating on social media. While AI technology offers marketers the ability to play with concepts, we’re wondering how these creations might impact brand perception and consumers’ ability to tell if collabs are real or not.

Paris 2024 Olympics reveals the next phase of its visual identity

Sport, style and culture are at the forefront of the Olympic and Paralympic Games’ visual identity. This identity was inspired by the Parisian spirit and French culture — and its fashion, food, architecture and history. Check out the way some of these elements are being implemented in Paris.

Your Strategy Needs a Story

Stories allow us to expand facts and information into shared mental models that are useful for communicating strategy. Telling stories that make strategy more convincing and better understood requires teams to develop strategies and stories hand-in-hand. In doing so, they are better equipped to make listeners understand, care, and believe.



Advertising and marketing industry insights and personal perspectives by the people that are neck-deep in it every day. Managed by the team at Experiences For Mankind, a San Diego-based agency making brand moments matter.

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