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Jeremy Cimafonte
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2 min readMar 4, 2020


Riviera Partners approached us to help improve the experience of ‘Sutro,’ their recruiting platform used by the company and its clients. Sutro uses data from successful placements and platform interactions to place engineering, product, and design leaders at the top unicorns and disruptors who shape technology.

In part due to our process improvements, Rivera Partners has recently raised $25 Million in Growth Capital.

The Challenge

After successfully completing an overhaul of the ‘Candidate Sourcing’ feature Riviera Partners was impressed with the resulting feature which leveraged their machine learning to assist in the lead generation process.

Their product development cycles were long and business priorities were shifting faster than projects were shipping. Even with a talented in house engineering and data science team on hand.

They wanted to accelerate their time to develop and ship features on their product roadmap.

We were excited to introduce our ‘Innovation Sprints’ model to our client. We promised to cut the lifecycle of a completed solution to a problem from months, to just two and a half weeks.

The Approach

After some initial preliminary research, Our Innovation Sprint plan was two weeks of design and one week of delivery. We piloted this process with Search.

The current search experience was fractured. Recruiters didn’t even know how the software is going to react when a search is modified. Multiple ways of searching the same thing returning different results. It did not support much of the functionality they relied on daily. The number of candidates a recruiter could sift through and approve was low.

A new experience was created in three weeks and then shipped by developers. This drastically simplified experience gave recruiters a more intuitive experience to find the candidates they need.

The Outcome

After the success of Search three other features were prototyped, tested, and refined in a three week period and shipped to users after development including important process improvements critical for raising such as Job Setup, Tracking, and Analytics features.

During one of the sprints, we also included rethinking the branding and design system of the app.

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