7 Thrilling Books That Will Keep You Up At Night!

There is nothing quite like escaping into a world of thrilling mystery whilst cowering under your fluffiest blanket with a warm mug of hot chocolate by your side. Here are a few highlighted thrillers that are sure to send shivers down your spine.

Deity (DI Damen Brook 3) — Steven Dunne

This is the third installment in the Damen Brook series and it is impossible to put down. Set in the town of Derby, this book follows the intricately developed character of Detective Inspector Damen Brook as he works a mysterious case following the disappearance of four college students. Containing rigorous forensic and detective work, an immersive environment and twisted psychological psychopathy, this serial killer thriller is too compelling to pass over.

The Crucifix Killer — Chris Carter

The first of the Robert Hunter series begins with a gruesome murder that would chill you to the very bone and the only lead is a familiar signature of the Crucifix Killer, who has supposedly already been caught. Tread cautiously on the heels of Detective Robert Hunter as he questions whether this is the work of a copycat killer, or if the real killer is still out there.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo — Stieg Larsson

This captivating, best-selling mystery novel with its elaborate cast of characters is intricately developed and a highly intelligent read. The book follows a recently disgraced journalist and an unrelenting young hacker as they work the mysterious, 40-year-old case of a missing woman. This vivid novel is a page-turner that any thrill reader will enjoy delving into.

The Cuckoo’s Calling — Robert Galbraith

This acclaimed crime novel is the first in a trilogy, elegantly written by J.K. Rowling under the pseudo name Robert Galbraith, and takes a reader to various settings within London. Disturbingly depicted, Private Investigator Cormoran Strike, is a psychologically wounded war veteran who is hired to investigate the death of a supermodel, whose brother insists could not have been a suicide. Strike is plunged into the world of the privileged during this investigation and delving deeper into the victim’s world will only be putting our damaged hero in danger.

Silence Of The Lambs — Thomas Harris

This suspenseful work of fiction sees a young Clarice Starling, working for the Behavioural Sciences unit at the FBI, being assigned a strange and gory case. She is sent to interview an ex-psychologist who was being held in a maximum-security prison for his cannibalistic tendencies, to aid the search for another killer. This is not your average thriller. This haunting tale will have you painfully questioning the horrible capabilities of our kind.

The Girl on the Train — Paula Hawkins

This dark, psychological thriller is, yet another, best-selling novel in this list. Hawkins deals with themes of domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse. It is a complex horror in which our heroine engages in obsessive people-watching, fantasising over lives she knows nothing about. Until she sees something she wasn’t meant to. The unpredictable twists and turns that this novel takes you on will have you reeling.

Gone Girl — Gillian Flynn

This journalist-turned-novelist exceeded everyone’s (including her own) expectations when she published the next New York Times Book of the Year, “Gone Girl”. It is daring, different and hits home in the most eerily of ways for most couples. As a strong-willed, but bitter woman disappears, eyes are on her husband, the town’s golden boy, who seems to be curiously evasive and disturbingly removed from the situation. You will not know what to expect until the ending is revealed to you in this fantastically written and well thought-out thriller.

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