How I Turned One Post Into 21 Pieces of Content

Recently at, we had an internal challenge to see who could find the most of amount of ways to re-purpose a single blog post. For this challenge I decided to use our January free article download, 3 Things Every Seller Should Know About Inspections.

The rules were simple: One article used as many times as possible on only free platforms. While it might seem a bit outrageous to do all 20 of these channels for every blog post, I set out on a mission to see how many times I could re-purpose a single blog post only using free resources. This whole process took less than 4 hours and most of the time was used to set up accounts on all the different platforms that we weren’t already utilizing. Beyond that, the only “difficult” step was getting the Snapchat video to embed in the YouTube background. This was achieved using PowerPoint and I’ll include the instruction and the template I used below.

Main Takeaway:
This is a really simple process once you get the system and the accounts set up. Utilizing a social media posting service like Buffer or Social Pilot would greatly enhance the reach as you could spread out the postings over a matter of weeks instead of all at once.
  1. Blog post of blog article
  2. Facebook post with article written in
  3. Facebook video from snaps
  4. Facebook Note
  5. Facebook post of Mailchimp newsletter
  6. LinkedIn Publisher post
  7. LinkedIn post of blog post url
  8. Tumblr post
  9. Twitter post of blog article
  10. Twitter post of YouTube video
  11. Twitter post of Medium article
  12. Twitter post of Snapchat video
  13. Medium article
  14. Snapchat snaps (follow me on snapchat id: scottolmer)
  15. YouTube video
  16. Mailchimp email newsletter
  17. Instagram Video
  18. Instagram post
  19. Google+ post of blog article
  20. Google+ post of YouTube video
  21. Pinterest Pin

Not used (but could be):

  1. Video embedded in BombBomb email
  2. Article used for content in paper newsletter
  3. Article added to the back of an open house flyer

We’d love to hear how you are using content in creative and fun ways. Let us know with comments or email me at


YouTube video background (click to download PowerPoint template)
Here is the YouTube video explaining how to create your own template:

MailChimp newsletter template

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