The Case For a Dedicated Blog

I posted this article and was asked why a Realtor should use a dedicated blog instead of just posting to their Facebook account. Here was my answer. See the edit at the end of the article for further

1) Email collection — FB doesn’t allow for you to collect the email addresses of your fans or readers limiting the ability to market to them outside of the FB ecosystem. Much has been talked about the lack of organic reach on FB posts, so adding an email newsletter into your marketing mix fills in the reach gap. Additionally, reaching a large email database is free with mailchimp, while trying to reach all your FB fans will cost money. The best part is that your blog has a it’s own unique rss feed which can be used in mailchimp to automatically send out an email newsletter to your database without you having to do a thing.

2) The ability to re-target — A stand alone site like a wordpress site can have a Facebook pixel attached to it. Using that pixel, you can run cheaper ads to those people who have visited your website. You have no idea who’s visited your FB page, nor do you have the ability to directly market to them.

3) SEO- Lots written about this, and I’m not a full believer in worrying about SEO within the real estate industry, but either way having a place for Google to search and index your content is a good thing, and will eventually lead to higher search rankings

4) Don’t build your home on rented land — At any moment FB could change the rules and pull the carpet out from under you. Having your own blog with your own domain and your own email list allows you to control your own destiny.

5) Limited archive — You spent the time to create a fantastic FB post full of useful information — you now have a digital asset. Now leverage it. With FB, your content is organized by date, not by your own choosing. Your new asset is pushed lower and lower with every new post on your page; the post now has an expiration date. While if you added to your own site, you can reference it when needed, repost it to your social accounts, utilize as a lead capture downloadable item.

6) Cross-posting ability — There are hundreds of recipes on IFTTT to auto-post your article to all the social media platforms allowing you to leverage your new asset without spending more time doing so.

So this answer has really expanded into more than I had imagined. In fact, I’m adding it to my list of upcoming blog topics. Thanks a bunch for asking it!!

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