The Tools Busy Realtors Use to Maximize Their Blog’s ROI.

I recently responded to a question about an article I wrote titled, free blogging options for Realtors. The question was, “I use facebook as my blog… So do most people…What are we missing by not having a dedicated blog?” Here is a copy of my response.

Building on that comment, another Realtor in the group asked, “Where can we learn to do all you mentioned.”

Real estate is unique in that Realtors have multiple lead source options. Creating content for the express purpose of increasing business is traditionally described as content marketing. In order to stay true to the content market philosophy, I’m going to assume that your main goal of blogging is two fold:

  1. To position yourself as an industry expert
  2. To collect emails from subscribers/lead magnet for newsletters and future marketing opportunities.

Additionally, I’m going to make the assumption that you’ll be blogging within an existing website, which most likely will be Wordpress-based. (There’s a ton of information about the merits of each blogging platform, but for this article I’d thought it best to concentrate solely on Wordpress sites).

  • Email Capture- Two plugins come to mind: Sumome and Mailchimp. Sumome has done great features- especially the exit intent popup window and its integration with multiple email newsletter clients. Mailchimp plugin is serviceable, with its greatest strength being its ease of use getting emails into your newsletter lists.
  • Facebook Retargeting- If Facebook paid advertising is part of your marketing efforts, than the ability to re-target your audience is going to save you lots of money. What retargeting does is attach a pixel to anyone who has visited your website. FB then allows you to target those visitors directly for a cheaper rate because they’ve already shown interest in what you have to offer. Additionally you can create look-alike audiences based off of the same visitors — look alike audiences are people that share the same attributes as your visitors yet haven’t visited your website. Installing a pixel is fairly easy. Instructions can be found here.
  • SEO- There is so much information out on the interwebs about SEO. Each plugin has its strengths and weaknesses. Read the reviews and see which one fits your needs. Yoast SEO is what I use for, mainly because it grades the post on its SEO strength and suggests what to change to get a higher score.
  • Don’t build your home on rented land- Facebook is a multi billion dollar company, so the chances of it going bankrupt overnight, and you loosing your content, are slim to none. That said, FB doesn’t provide an easy way to export your posts formatted easily for posting elsewhere. Meaning that once you’ve invested your time and effort natively composing your posts, you’re kinda stuck with FB as your blogging platform. Meanwhile services like Medium and Wordpress have tools designed specifically for exporting of posts if you decide to switch platforms. The obvious workaround for this issue is to write each article in a Word or google doc document, then copy and paste into Facebook. More on that below.
  • Cross posting- So you’ve created this awesome content, now what? Utilizing services like, you can easily take your Wordpress post and automatically share it on multiple platforms. IFTTT (short for if this then that) is organized into “recipes” and “ingredients”. You simply connect your social accounts (the ingredients) and tell IFTTT what you want to do with them. For example, here’s a recipe for posting your wordpress post to your Facebook page automatically. Wordpress post to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Obviously this list just scratches the surface of available marketing tools for maximizing your real estate blog. Please comment below with some of your favorites, and click the 💚 if you liked it.

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