Political Islam: An Enemy Within?

by Fred Peatross

In 2001 a doc was seized in the home of Youssef Nada and titled, “Toward a Worldwide Strategy for Islamic Policy.”1 Written in 1982 it was a roadmap to acquiring, in measured steps, control over thinking and expansion of Islam in the west

The document outlines 12 points each with escalating significance

For brevity sake I will only mention 3 points

  • First Point — calls for the creation of “centers of study and research” — to “produce studies on the political dimension of the Islamic movement”
This has already been accomplished in America with overlapping research centers at major universities
  • Fourth Point — calls for “liberty to function politically.” A call for participation by Muslims in local and national governments
  • Eighth Point — cautions Muslim activist to “not look for confrontation with our adversaries, at the local of global scale” because such confrontations “could encourage its adversaries to give the Islamic movement a fatal blow.”

1 In a November 2001 raid on offices and residences associated with Youssef Nada, an untitled document, written in Arabic and dated 1 December 1982, ostensibly outlining a plan to infiltrate and defeat Western countries was found

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