The Lies They Tell

short book review by Fred Peatross

Israeli-German journalist Tenenbom is a mystical provocateur who has written two best selling books in Europe. Catch the Jew! and I Sleep in Hitler’s Room. These 2 best sellers are Tuvia Tenenbom assessment of Europeans. In his new work, The Lies They Tell he travels America endeavoring to meet as many people as possible and portray the character [of America] and its people

Tenenbom employs a not-so-subtle sarcasm in exposing the hypocrisy, contradictions, and delusions of average Americans

Under all the layers of PC and “good manners” lies the truth

Tenenbom is a unique, funny and disarming man who travels to the parts of America that Obama seems not to have noticed, even those populated by African-Americans. The Lies They Tell, is about America. Yes, about ‘We the People’

His outlook may be bleak, but it’s hard not to share his incredulity at the levels of laughable self-delusion. For instance, a guide at the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit disavows Ford’s anti-Semitism, saying, “Here we talk only about positive stuff, not about problems”

Brutal, irreverent, and cutting, Tenenbom’s book aims to disrupt American complacency. For those willing to look at America from an outsider’s perspective, Tenenbom is a sobering guide

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