Agent Spotlight: Jeanne Byers and George Case of Case + Byers

Today, we sit down with Jeanne Byers and George Case of Case + Byers. Each brings a unique expertise to their partnership. With a background in merchandising and a heightened eye for luxury trends, George is the go-to for staging and interior design. Jeanne’s background as a former advertising creative director allows them to approach the sale of every home with a sophisticated, 360-degree communications program — from eye-catching logos to individualized positioning to increase traffic to listings. Together, Case + Byers offers sellers staging and branding services along with proven real estate expertise in both buying and selling properties.

Warburg Realty (WR): How did you enter the real estate industry?

George Case: My mother was a very successful agent in Virginia for over 30 years, so I grew up flipping through MLS books and “helping” with open houses on Sundays. When I arrived at the decision to change careers, real estate seemed like a natural choice.

Jeanne Byers: I have been obsessed with New York real estate for as long as I can remember. After a rewarding career in advertising, I decided to pursue my passion and become an agent. My skills honed as an art director and strategic thinker have proven to be a great calling card in my real estate practice — and a benefit to both buyers and sellers.

WR: Why did you join Warburg Realty?

Jeanne Byers: I have been a fan of Frederick Peters for years. As a longtime blog subscriber, I’ve borrowed his words of wisdom to pass along to clients on a number of occasions. Clelia’s experience in business development and real estate technology brings a high level of cutting-edge sophistication to Warburg’s well-established history.

The rebrand Clelia spearheaded says it all — modern yet classic. From our first meeting with our Sales Director Brennan, George and I began thinking about our business differently. At Warburg, we feel a sense of shared values, priorities, and are excited to have the opportunity to grow our business alongside likeminded professionals.

WR: Tell us about your partnership.

George Case: Our partnership evolved out of a friendship that began two brokerages ago, when I first started in real estate. Waiting for an elevator to arrive, Jeanne complimented my pink socks…I was not wearing socks, but it was a cold, autumn day. From that point, we became fast friends and developed a mutual respect for what the other brought to their real estate career. We combine my expertise in staging and Jeanne’s marketing background and together, have a strong work ethic and devotion to clients.

Jeanne Byers: Looking back, I am not sure why it took us so long to join forces. Together, we provide clients something other agents can’t — branding, staging, strategic positioning and negotiating. Our combined talents are complimentary and synergistic. And while we each have strong opinions and occasionally butt heads, we have a lot of fun working together and take pride in what we’ve been able to accomplish for our clients.

WR: George, tell us about a renovation project that you worked on.

George Case: Quite literally, I am always working on multiple renovation projects. I am renovating my own 1840s country home in Litchfield County, Connecticut; I am helping a client renovate and decorate (in stages) the apartment she recently purchased in Brooklyn Heights; and this morning, met with clients to look at an architect’s plans for the loft they are in contract to purchase in Chelsea. All of the projects help the clients proactively keep an eye on resale as they update and upgrade their homes. We have been very successful with this over the years: finding clients apartments that are within their budgets, assisting with their renovations, then reselling with a healthy return on their investment.

WR: Jeanne, what are some trends in the industry you see changing since you first started your career?

Jeanne Byers: The business of real estate has changed dramatically in the years since I became an agent. New firms have exploded onto the scene and established brands have invested heavily in reinventing themselves to stay relevant to buyers and sellers who have access to information historically held by brokerage companies. The promotion of individual agents and teams is another noticeable trend. To attract and retain valuable people, real estate companies are upping the exposure and financial support of top producers.

WR: When you stage a home, what is one piece of furniture you feel you cannot live without?

George Case: Strangely, one piece of furniture that ends up in almost every single staging is a solid wood, geometric side table that holds a lamp, a vase…anything. It brings a sculptural moment to every room in any style.

WR: What is your favorite destination in Manhattan?

George Case: Without hesitation, the answer is Lincoln Center. I’m an opera and ballet fan, but its the architecture and design that makes every evening there feel special.

Jeanne Byers: I love Central Park — which to me is the most beautiful park in the world. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time there — running, picnicking, attending Shakespeare in the Park, etc. I am always amazed by how impeccably kept it is and what a wonderful escape it offers New Yorkers. There is no better place to take in the city’s most notable architecture — from classic buildings like the Eldorado and the San Remo — to the new developments that have popped up along the 57th Street corridor.



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