AgentMile Goes DAICO in Partnership with OpenLedger

We’re excited to announce that AgentMile has partnered up with OpenLedger, the decentralized crypto trading platform that’s been going since 2015, to explore a whole new variety of amazing applications of blockchain in commercial real estate.

The OpenLedger team of more than 80 passionate engineers runs OpenLedger DEX, a truly decentralized BitShares-based trading platform able to process thousands of transactions per second. The team at OpenLedger will collaborate with AgentMile in a number of ways lending its expertise as:

  • Escrow provider to power our transition to DAICO and its subsequent execution (read on to learn what that means);
  • advisory with Ronny Boesing, OpenLedger’s Founder/CEO joining our board;
  • marketing and tech support for our token sale and beyond.

OpenLedger joins AgentMile’s current partners, ICOBox, to power the next wave of innovation in commercial real estate.

OpenLedger’s Ronny Boesing joins AgentMile’s advisory board

We’re also thrilled to have Ronny Boesing, co-owner and founder at OpenLedger ApS Denmark, join our board of advisers.

Ronny enjoys the extensive experience in technology management having served in a variety of roles including as the CEO of five startups. His experience in blockchain technology is just as vast: over the past few years, Ronny has launched a number of blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives including Coinsbank, CCEDK ApS and OpenLedger ApS.

“We’re excited about our partnership with AgentMile. Blockchain in commercial real estate presents a lot of creative challenges that OpenLedger will be happy to help AgentMile’s team to explore and address. I’m also thrilled to be working with one of the first DAICO projects in the world,” said Ronny.

AgentMile goes DAICO to ensure project’s sustainability

AgentMile is one of the first blockchain projects to embrace the DAICO mechanism.

DAICO is a new concept introduced by Vitalik Buterin to improve the ICO fundraising process and make the post-ICO funds distribution transparent and in view of all parties involved.


The DAICO model massively benefits investors and ensures that the development team keeps the project sustainable in the long term:

  • investors get more control over the project thanks to the voting mechanism;
  • they can vote to raise the tap amount or cancel the project to return the funds and self-destruct the smart contract;
  • The DAICO model completely eliminates fraud and scams.

According to OpenLedger,

“As an escrow provider, OpenLedger will conduct regular voting among AgentMile token holders, who will collectively decide whether to give out the next tranche of money or to cancel the project.”

Going DAICO with the help of OpenLedger, is an important part of AgentMile’s commitment to build the first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by AI. We believe that this model is empowering our token holders and community with real and impactful project participation as well as fostering trust and credibility.

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