Demand for AgentMile ESTATE Tokens Exceeded Supply by 2,8x!

Two weeks into the AgentMile public pre-sale and we’ve already seen a tremendous interest in our ESTATE token.

ICOBox, the blockchain business facilitator and growth promoter, have announced recently about the results of their token swap. Demand for the first 20% allocation of AgentMile ESTATE tokens ($1.2m) exceeded supply by 2.8x!

The team at ICOBox is one of AgentMile’s advisers lending its expertise in the field to promote and enhance the AgentMile project.

As the blockchain business facilitator with a team of over 150 experts, ICOBox has helped ICO projects secure $400M+collectively. The AgentMile ESTATE token is one of the few tokens to have generated such a tremendous buzz among the ICOBox community who have a highly competitive and diverse marketplace to choose from.

We’re thrilled to see the growing community’s interest in our project and excited at the prospect of disrupting the CRE landscape.

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