We’ve relaunched the Age UK website!

Rob Mansfield
Oct 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Over the past few months the Digital & Content teams at Age UK have been working hard to upgrade the Age UK website — and it finally went live on Tuesday 17 October.

What’s changed and why?

Look and feel

The site is also now full-width on a big screen, and we’ve improved our calls to action, enabling people to get help more quickly.

Site structure

We’ve introduced two ‘new’ sections: Our Impact & Services:

  • ‘Our Impact’ is a much-improved and refreshed version of what was the old Professionals section.
  • ‘Services’ gives a far better picture to users about the work we do and allows them to find local help more easily

Big thanks have to go to the team at WebCredible for helping us redo our Information Architecture (IA).


By changing the structure of certain types of content, as well as re-evaluating what’s relevant and what’s not, we took a site of in excess of 1700 pages and slimmed it down to just over 650 — no mean feat.

The back end

Even though we’ve stayed with EPiServer, it now works in a completely different way. You create pages in blocks and drag and drop them to change the structure.

This means we had to completely rebuild the site from the ground up (which was probably a good thing). Our technical agency Netcel have done an amazing job on this, being particularly patient when we changed our mind about functionality.

This also means the Search function is far better and allows us to have a much greater control over the results people get.

Finally, it’s now a much better experience for users of the CMS, if you want to make changes to the website.

But wait there’s more…

= = = =

If you want get in touch, feel free to reply to any of the posts on Age UK Digital or drop us a line on: digital@ageuk.org.uk

Age UK Digital

What Age UK is doing to transform digital

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