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Round up from my latest articles and next steps.

Hi all. Thanks for subscribing, to add value to what I do, I wanted to share some of my latest articles in case you missed them in this newsletter, which I have aptly titled Agile | Adapt Digest.

I also wanted to tell you about my new book I have just published as part of an Agile Playbook series. Please read on to find out more!

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This is a snapshot from my hometown, Auckland, New Zealand.

In 2022, I have been busy working as a Senior Scrum Master in the banking industry, and to help me get on the right foot in this space, I have been documenting a lot about stakeholder management. The outcomes of this research I have included in my most recent blogs, listed as follows.

Stakeholder Management

To kick things off, I spoke recently about certain agile techniques you could use when working with new or existing stakeholders.

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Mapping Stakeholder Relationships

This article, I will walk you through two useful and effective stakeholder mapping methods that can help you optimise your stakeholder relationships.

Optimising Stakeholder Communication

This article, I discuss how to optimise stakeholder communication by using business agility techniques to help close feedback loops. This will not help only you as an agile leader, but also your team — and of course your stakeholders.

Scrum Techniques

I also wrote some useful techniques to help optimise your ways of working as a Scrum Master working with your Scrum Team.

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Continual Refinement Method

This article explores the wonders of Continual Backlog Refinement. A simple method that will help your scrum team focus on what is important — refinement of the backlog, and how it could break the same-old routine that teams can get tired of doing.

Creating Value Based Epics

This article provides guidance on how to compose value based epics in an easy and consistent way. It focuses on individuals and organisations that require high level value based epics needed for product delivery when working in an agile environment.

The Use of Spikes in Agile

This article explores the basics of spikes, and uncovers the value of the spike to an agile team.

Look back at my Interview Series

A series of interviews with my agile heroes.

Check out this compilation I gathered. I hope you enjoy their compelling insights and knowledge. These thought leaders have inspired me and my passion for agile. Take a look in this special Agile PM series.

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My New Book

In my downtime, I am currently writing a series of Agile Playbooks on Lean Pub. My first book is called An Agile Playbook for Technical Communicators. Not only is it for documentation specialists new to agile, but I do believe it will be useful for anyone new to agile wanting to navigate new ways of working — to know more about how to work in an agile team.

Looking Ahead

In the next few months, I want to broaden my horizons by focusing on product visions, roadmaps and high-level planning that many agile teams can find challenging navigating around. I do hope this will be of interest to you.

If you have any questions or feedback that you might want me to explore please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Go well and keep it agile!

Luke Pivac



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Luke Pivac

Luke Pivac


An experienced agile and workflow leader - helping teams succeed by using an agile mindset. Thought-leader and published author. PSM-1, MSP5, ICP-ATF, ICP-APM