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The Agile Mindset

Becoming agile starts with you

This article highlights what having an agile mindset actually means and how having this superpower makes you a better and more empowered collaborator, teammate, and person.

What is an agile mindset?

It is an attitude that supports the agile working environment through core values, these include:

  • Respect: Working with your team as a collective; united in your vision, purpose, and goal.
  • Collaboration: As mentioned above, you need to…




Agile Mindset, Adaptive Management and Servant Leadership insights that you can use from an experienced agile practitioner and passionate blogger.

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Luke Pivac

Luke Pivac

A Senior Scrum Master helping teams and stakeholders succeed by using an agile mindset. An experienced Delivery Lead and published author. PSM-1, MSP5, ICP-APM

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