AGL Establishes Non-profit Association to Serve Government Innovation Community

Melinda Burgess
May 29, 2018 · 2 min read
AGL discussion on DevOps in government | Sacramento, 2017

Agile Government Leadership (AGL), which was formed as a community based organization in 2014 to bring applied agile practices to government, has launched a non-profit association to serve the public sector and accelerate the transformation and modernization of government programs and culture.

The AGL community has grown to include nearly one thousand federal, state and local government technology professionals, private sector representatives, and civic activists across the United States and the world. A Board of Directors has been formed to help AGL reach more government agencies with resources and guidance for adopting innovative practices.

“We are excited to take AGL to the next level,” said Aaron Pava, co-founder of AGL and Executive Director of the nonprofit. “As more agencies are practicing agile and actively working to deliver better digital services, AGL seeks to connect the dots between them by fostering openness and the sharing of government innovation best practices.”

Other AGL Association Board members include Melinda Burgess, a founding member of AGL; Bill Maile, former Director of Communications for California’s Child Welfare Digital Service project; Tony Fortenberry, former Deputy Director for California’s Office of Systems Integration; and Marc Jones, a Security and Compliance engineer who has delivered FOSS training to state agencies.

AGL has produced a collection of resources including the open source Agile Government Handbook, hosted online discussions with government innovation leaders, and created a free virtual curriculum for public servants seeking to learn agile practices in government context.

Future AGL efforts include:

  • Full-day summit in Sacramento to facilitate learning and sharing among government innovators
  • AGL Awards to recognize achievements in better public sector service delivery
  • Hands-on agile training for government agencies

Connect with AGL:

Agile Government Leadership

Helping government modernize through shared knowledge and…

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