Profile our document collection with Topix: Example 2— Donald Trump Tweets

Many thanks to for saving us many ours of work gathering data.

As of May 4 we have two new sample data sets on the Topix site for you to explore:

Trump Tweet History Data: Complete 2016 and the First 100 Days (January 20 — April 29) of the Trump Administration
Quick Start to Profiling The first 100 Days of Tweets

Note that in the video segment above I selected “Words — All Parts of Speech” for the “What to Include” option. Here is the current list of options:

Options for “What to Include”

The following Vocabulary Word Cloud was displayed when I did another run after selecting “Adjectives and Adverbs”:

Trumps Tweets for the First 100 Days: Adjectives and Adverbs

Since I am curious about where this occur, I scroll down to the Vocabulary Catalog to explore. I Click on “Docs” cell for the word “fake” and the documents containing the word are displayed below, with the context highlighted:

Live Demo of Exploring using the Topix Vocabulary Catalog

Have fun exploring!