The Agile Mindset

Luke Pivac
Sep 8, 2019 · 3 min read

Becoming agile starts with you

This article highlights what having an agile mindset actually means and how having this superpower makes you a better and more empowered collaborator, teammate, and person.

What is an agile mindset?

It is an attitude that supports the agile working environment through core values, these include:

  • Respect: Working with your team as a collective; united in your vision, purpose, and goal.
  • Collaboration: As mentioned above, you need to have the ability to work with your team and carry empathy for Your customers’ needs. This is what drives the value in the work you do.
  • Learning cycles: Responding to change means learning from failure and celebrating it.
  • Improvement: The output from learning cycles is your ability to learn from what works and what has not. And adapt from what you learned to improve, first slowly and then at a rapid pace. The beauty is that it is organic — because it is intrinsic on the process, you improve in small incremental changes.
  • Accountability: By working as a team and taking pride in ownership of the work you, you become accountable to yourself and the team.
  • Being adaptive: This is about focusing on delivering value, and the ability to adapt to change.

Developing your agile mindset skills

Here are some tips on how you can develop your agile mindset when working with yourself, your team and your organisation.

  • Try to find ways to identify and seize opportunities for working with others in an agile approach.
  • Read environment and adapt through being curious and letting go of old ideas.
  • Embrace critical thinking techniques, part of this process is considering consequences to actions, it is about acting and not reacting.
  • Be humble and reflect. Act of reflection gives you insight, practice this, it may not come naturally but over time it provides wisdom. It is a superpower.
  • Report with transparency: By not hiding the reporting numbers and making them a shared responsibility within your team an interesting thing happens. You create a culture of measurement and growth. If people can view how they have improved overtime it makes them want to become better – work, morale, and culture improves.

A growth mindset is an agile mindset.

Infographic of the Two Mindsets, fixed and growth mindset by Doctor Carol S. Dweck.

Benefits of an agile mindset

Having an agile mindset is about adding value from the outset and working collaboratively with others by sharing the same common goal and using a continuous improvement process (inspection, adaptation, and transparency).

Things like tracking and visibility of the project improve because as the team is building the project, there are opportunities to inspect, adapt and reflect on the project regularly.

Agile mindset and your team

Here are some tips when practicing your agile mindset with your team. These tips will help ensure you and your team are doing agile.

  • Make sure you are in touch with your customers and responsive to their needs.
  • Ensure that your development team and stakeholders have well-defined team milestones and work plans. Make sure these are not orders coming from executives.
  • Your team and their relationship with all those around them is highly collaborative.
  • You and your team are continually delivering output that is actually usable. For instance, the product delivers value from the onset.

Agile is a journey. Once you think you have mastered it, something comes by that surprises you. But the beauty is in your ability to respond to it.

Good luck!

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Agile It!

Agile It!

The ‘Agile Auckland’ blog — a round-up of the latest tips, tricks, and techniques from around the web! Plus other insightful articles from the Agile Auckland committee.

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