My approach to learning a new topic

Dim Blinov
Agile Pies
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1 min readNov 30, 2022


This is how I get to know a topic, dive deeper, and stay in it.

Understand the fundamentals:

  1. Take a course (usually incl. several books) → understand the skeleton and general building blocks.
  2. Try some pieces → understand 2–3 topics better.
  3. Read overviewing articles → strengthen the acquired knowledge.

Deepen understanding of the topic:

  1. Google answers to specific questions vs broad.
  2. YouTube < 30" educational videos.
  3. Find the books to read (usually I get the list after the course or form the articles), don’t read them fully, but flip through them, and read chapter summaries only.
  4. Apply some tools and ideas → try the approaches suggested and memorize them for a long time.
  5. If really necessary, read a specific chapter in a book.
  6. If a lot of time, read the whole book.

Maintain knowledge:

  1. Take a course on a related topic → find out the context and other application areas.
  2. Subscribe and listen to podcasts on the subject, not every episode, but selectively.
  3. Subscribe and read social feeds, selectively → stay emerged in the topic.
  4. Attend an industry conference, preferably online → get into the circle of support.

How do YOU study new concepts and stay at the forefront of knowledge? Share you thoughts with me in the comments, please :)