Agile Product Management - Better decision making in the VUCA-world.

The economy has changed dramatically over the past years. There is an increased awareness of the complexity and sustainability of an interconnected world of global business. Some would say that unpredictability and rapidly changing landscapes are resulting in the obsolescence of existing models built to deal with complexity and uncertainty. This can be referred to as the VUCA-world (world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) [Mack et al. 2016, Managing in a VUCA-World]. According to Hofert, agile ideas is one way in which organizations have reacted to this fluid situation because hierarchical systems with command and order structures are often no longer effective. [Hofert 2016, Agiler führen]. Product management has also recognized this phenomenon, e.g. by Aumayr. He posits that product managers will be forced to work more and more in interdisciplinary teams designed to respond quickly to many different challenges. As fields of knowledge grow increasingly complex, team members with different backgrounds can help each other to find the right solutions [Aumayr 2016, Erfolgreiches Produktmanagement].

My Masters thesis focuses on how these agile concepts have influenced product management. I question product managers about the impact of agile ideas with the specific goal of identifying the preferred set up of an interdisciplinary team for efficient, quality product management.

I would be pleased if you could fill out the survey “agile product management (English)”. It takes about seven to ten minutes. Accesable till the 3th of November.

If you are interested in any results you can leave your email address at the end of the survey. Your email will be deleted once I have sent you the results, which will be published in German. The management summary is currently the only English document planned.

Martin Cronacher

Master´s student in business and informatics at Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences