Minding the Team: Expectations for Folks in the Scrum Master Role

For folks new to the Scrum Masters role, I am not expecting expert knowledge on Technology, Scrum, or Software Development.

I am expecting:

* Follow through
* Work ethic
* Effort
* Attitude
* Passion
* Being coachable
* Doing extra
* Being prepared
* Curiosity
* Not to procrastinate and to ask when unclear
* Being authentic so we can make progress and talk about the areas that you need growth on

Across-the-board, the Technology Team I work for, exhibits these behaviors which in turn sets the expectation for how I operate and inspires me to be the best in the role. This cycle of expectations across roles is what keeps me engaged, challenged, and coming back to the job every day.

I set these expectations because I care, I care for the person growing in the role and I care for the teams they support. If I don’t care mediocrity seeps in.

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