What Does The Scrum Master Role Do in a Team?

What do folks in the Scrum Master role do in Leapfrog Technology Teams?

  • We ensure and facilitate the Scrum. When I say to ensure I we ensure that Stands, Story Writing & Estimation, Retrospective, and Planning sessions happen and are effective and efficient. We have recent evidence that when teams operate with parts of the Scrum framework, they deliver software.
  • Champion and protect the team. We know that when teams have good working conditions and focus they are happier.
  • Surface situations in the team to team leads or leadership. Sometimes I ask is that a thing? Sometimes it is a thing, and sometimes it is not a thing.
  • We care about delivery during the sprint. We ideally find and share with the team opportunities to work efficiently.

There’s a lot more depending on your experience and level of the role, but the above is a beginning expectation.