It is in your DNA!

your core can solve your corporate problems.

This article is part of our The Big Reveal Series. Read other articles in this series here.

Respecting your company’s DNA

In the beginning of this series we discussed a few of the problems that exist in strategy execution today. We talked about the problems with strategic plans and how strategy fails to deliver results in daily life due to inefficiency.

This week, it’s time for some solutions.

We all have a unique DNA that influences the way we are, how we look and what we do. We are aware of the fact that we are largely influenced by nature (as well as nurture of course). But DNA is not restricted to nature. We can also find it in corporations.

What is company DNA and why is it important?

Just like with humans, company DNA is the core and foundation of everything else. Your DNA is the answer to questions like “What is your company all about?”, “What does your company do and most importantly why does your company do it?”

Your company DNA consists of the mission, values, priorities and principles that make your company unique and should influence everything else in your corporate activities.

we use the word should, because this is not always the case in real life. As essential as they seem, both small and big corporations can wrongfully ignore these core concepts. Short-time gains are prioritized over what your company stands for. And that’s when trouble arrives, your strategy is no longer adapted to reality and thus, loses a lot of impact. The core of your company is not respected and thus other side-effects like unsatisfied employees will pop up.

So start your operations based on your DNA and stay true to your DNA during all corporate procedures.

How should you go about it?

Your company DNA should form the core of your organization

Analyze and define your DNA.

Ask yourself and your team: What do we do? Why do we do it? What values do we care about? What principles do we respect? What is our mission? What priorities do we have?

Don’t just leave it at that. Concretize and write everything down. This is document should be your new holy grail.

Visualize your DNA.

Now having found the holy grail is one thing. Showing it to the rest of the organization is the next. “Out of sight, out of mind” is unfortunately also true for corporate information. You should make sure that there is enough clarity about the company’s DNA and strategy. Make sure that everybody can always consult and refer back to your core. For example, use our soon to be released new Human Reef Platform to visualize your company DNA.

Everything originates in DNA

Just like in nature, a lot is determined DNA. It influences all other events and decisions. After you have defined your DNA, it is time to start thinking about concrete ambitions. These should start from your DNA and not aim at changing your DNA. Which concrete ambitions fit within our mission and are part of our priorities, respect our values and principles?

The same is true for your structure and your system. Ask yourself: which company structure, which roles, etc. fit our DNA? How should you organize in order that your DNA is respected? E.g. If equality is one of your company values, throw away your waterfall system.

If you are willing to take this approach, better outcomes will follow, as well as better employees satisfaction, employer branding and overall growth.

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